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CCG is a multidimensional group that consistently delivers cost conscious solutions.

Our abundant resources include planning & design, construction service & management as well as retail & commerce. Combining a comprehensive set of skills, experiences & human resources we strive to maintain a high level of professionalism in all disciplines. Our flexibility allows us to offer an unique service to meet any project requirement and seek to maximize returns on risks for our partners.




According to a survey of the 500 largest service companies in Taiwan, the Test Rite Group ranked first in the trading category.

CCG is part of Test Rite Group. Test Rite was the first trading company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange and is the largest trader in Taiwan. To follow through on philosophy of Test Rite Group, “Improving the quality of life in Taiwan”, we provide not only hardware and software products but the integrated home improvement services.


To achieve sustainable business growth of CCG, we believe corporate social responsibility is our most important goal. This is why CCG launched professional services to help humanity. This is what we mean by our slogan, “Connecting people and spaces naturally”.

Planning & Construction


CCG can undertake large, complex projects by bringing innovation and lean construction practices to them, making a difference for clients, employees and the community.

Our services are delivered by award winning expert teams of professionals to give you the confidence that your projects will be executed beyond expectation.


Leveraging well considered planning & engineering/ construction design, our projects mitigate waste with emphasis on collaboration, reliability of scheduling and delivery of optimal value while minimizing resource usage.


Our value begins at pre-construction and continues seamlessly through all phases of the projects, with emphasis on developing high performance buildings. We can undertake large scale renovation projects using the latest technology support which can reduce the service and maintenance of the facility.

Chungcin Enterprise

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Chungcin Interior

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Tony Construction

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Service & Management


CCG offers a wide range of independent and integrated services for commercial & industrial property.


Our service can be tailored to suit your needs for nearly any type of facility, beginning with feasibility & related financial model on the green field / brown field sites, and continues to facilitate project management to support post construction general maintenance, utility operations and business support functions.


CCG’s technical experts can implement building and equipment maintenance programs that optimize life-cycle value, facility operating costs and reliability, while providing a comfortable, safe, and productive workspace for users. CCG can also help facilities implement green-building techniques and prepare for Energy & Environmental Design Certification. Retail space leasing and facility management are our strength in our total solution package. Our in depth market knowledge enable us to negotiate from client’s strength for leasing Commercial and Retail Space with the most rewarding result.

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Decor House

Retail & Commerce


CCG has more than 15 years experience in trade and sales. From beginning in military utility supply and building materials, we now have expanded into retail and e-commerce business.

Through construction projects, unique marketing strategy & retail showrooms, CCG brings value to its clients’ experiences with a broad array of downstream products and services. Alignment with high profile global brands is a strength of our unique sales channels. During 2008 CCG engaged in the retail sector by bringing Life 1 store to HCMC Vietnam, which then led to the development of Tayohya stores in Taiwan in 2011. Our current portfolio of own branded environments delivers a diverse range of customer experiences. Expanding CCG e-shopping is one of our priorities which will further enhance product knowledge and improve access to a wider range of consumers.

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• Tony Construction Co., LTD. ISO 9001:2008 2015
• Test Cin M&E Engineering Co., LTD. ISO 9001 2008 2015
• Test Cin M&E Engineering Co., LTD. ISO 9001:2008
• Tony Construction Co., LTD. ISO 9001:2008
• “Judges Awards” for Labor safety and Health from the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA)


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Design & Development

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