Private Housing


Finding proper housing is one of the most desirable things which make people happy. In addition to commercial constructions, Chung Cin Enterprise team also focuses on the space integration of private housing and provides one-stop service, including planning and development of land, premium construction and interior design, maintenance and management, and promotion of private:

Planning, Design and Construction

Community Housing Project:

Because premium buildings are the key to the promotion of home quality, Chung Cin Enterprise has enthusiastically worked on community projects in recent years. The all-age happiness housing near HSR Miaoli Station is one of the recent achievements. This community is for all ages, from 0 to 100, and adopts the philosophy of nature, sharing, easiness, health and sustainability. Its design is access-free and its material is eco-friendly and non-toxic, creating a community of happiness and safety for all ages.

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Interior Design Projects:

The interior design projects, including renovation of old houses and planning of new houses, are drafted based on the needs of homes and have been discussed by designers and house owners to satisfy the needs of the owners.

Urban Renewal/Dangerous and Old Building Renovation:

According to the government policy regarding urban land development and utilization, we integrated all our resources to work on the renovation of dangerous and old buildings.


Maintenance of Private Housing:

Our workers of housing service team, with several decades of experience, will provide the comprehensive housing maintenance service of enterprise-level expertise, from prevention to improvement, to satisfy all needs of private housing.

Suggestion for Customized Products:

After deep and effective communication with house residents, the customized products will be provided to satisfy various needs of house residents and promote the quality of living.

Promotion of Life Quality

The Largest Furniture Store – Décor Hoüse

We integrate the services of furniture, construction material, appliances, cuisine, etc. into a brand-new shopping space for homes, which provides a solution of all-round housing service and delighted shopping experience.

Supermarket – Farmer’s Market:

The Farmer’s Market, established on the philosophy of freshness, convenience and friendly service, provides customers many kinds of fresh and healthy foods from domestic and overseas markets, as well as many daily necessities.

Chung Cin Building Materials Sales Center:

It is the first conceptual building materials sales center to provide many kinds of material for interior decoration and renovation. We have one-on-one consulting service to customize the service which suits customers’ needs.From creating premium community space to designing shopping supermarkets and farmer’s markets for the daily living, we dedicate ourselves to providing wonderful living experience. We expect ourselves to improve the way people live in their homes and become the guardian for every family.